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Having over 15 years’ experience of online sales within the adult entertainment sector, we know exactly what customers want, and how they can be persuaded to buy. An appealing design is the biggest selling point in pornography.

First impressions are what count!

That is why we create the covers and banners with a design that will gen one “hot” at first glance.

We know what customers want to see – and with that knowledge we can make sure that your products will sell.

Try us! without any risk!
If you don’t like our work, you don’t pay!

Is this not a great offer?

Perfect Quality

As good as “Made in Germany”

The owner of is a German graphic designer who emigrated to Asia. He had been running a porn DVD shop in Germany for over 15 years. Since he did everything himself, one can say that he knows exactly what customers of adult entertainment want.

Due to the location in Asia, we are now able to offer graphic work in the highest (according to German standards) quality at a very reasonable price.

Try us! Because with us price and quality agree! And if it has to be particularly fast, we will do everything we can to deliver your order on time.

Examples of banners

    Note: The banners was created under the laws of German child protection for an Adult Entertainment online store,
    who selling these movies.The original images are the property of the respective studios or the producers of the movies.

    All banners was created / modified by


    With the right feeling for your business


    We know what a cover is about. Especially in adult entertainment, it is important that a cover is designed so attractively that the highest interest is aroused. Because the customer only buys what he likes at first glance. And the competition does not sleep!


    With banners you can attract the highest attention. We specialize in that. We create these not only for adult entertainment, but also for all other areas. Have a look at our examples above. We design attractive banners for every genre that generates more revenue.


    Pictures say more than 1000 words. That’s why it’s important that pictures are so appealing that they convince in a short instant. We perfectly understand us by professional image editing and retouch not only disturbances away, rather conjure a real eye catcher from a normal picture.


    If you run a website in Adult Entertainment and need support, you’re in the right place. We’re not programmers, but we can do CSS and HTML, understand design, and can do all the support work for you that you’d like to outsource.

    Pictures retouching

    Based on this simple example, you can see how we make something special out of a normal picture.




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    (example cover)

    Send us your footage, title, logo, barcode, template (Photoshop, if available) or your design specifications, the genre and the requirements of your printer (printing process, crop marks, bleed).

    When we’re done, we’ll send you the design as a JPG. If you like it, we will bill you and after payment you will receive from us the print data (in RGB, CMYK or whatever your printing needs).

    Any question?

    Do not hesitate and contact us.



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